Driver Toshiba NB (PLL3AAF) for Windows 7 x86

Toshiba Nb300 Drivers

Class B provides a more stringent classification for home equipment use. The hard disk drive head is in a safe position.

The capacity of each hard disk drive model is different. For further information, contact your local government. Usb Mouse Troubleshooting Problem Procedure The mouse pointer Try changing the speed setting in the mouse moves too fast or too control utility. If the self test is successful, the computer tries to load the operating system. Turning On The Power Getting Started Turning on the power This section describes how to turn on the power - the Power indicator will then indicate the status.

Refer to the Utilities and Applications section in this chapter. Refers to acceptance and transfer of data to and from a computer. When you turn the power back on, you can continue where you left when you shut down the computer.

Toshiba NB300 User Manual

Options Introduction Options You can add a number of options to make your computer even more powerful and convenient to use. Recharge time varies depending on usage. The display controller also controls the video mode, which uses industry standard rules to govern the screen resolution and the maximum number of colors that can be displayed on screen. Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or regulations. Soft keys are key combinations that enable, disable or configure specific features.

Connect the monitor cable to the external monitor port. No patent liability is assumed, with respect to the use of the information contained herein. Be certain to read the general precautions below and to note the cautions included in the text of the manual.

Make sure the headphone connection is secure. Never attempt to charge the battery pack with any other charger. An icon in Windows used to store documents or other folders. Refer to the preinstalled Software section at the front of this chapter.

Underside The following figure shows the underside of the computer. Display Names of windows or icons or text generated by the computer that appear on its display screen are presented in the type face you see to the left.

Equipment used to communicate with the computer and transfer data to and from it. Battery may not charge while computer is consuming full power. The battery can explode if not properly replaced, used, handled or disposed of.

Moving The Computer Operating Basics Using the cleaning cloth The cleaning cloth can be used to wipe away dust and fingerprints from the keyboard and palm rest area of your computer. Foreign metal objects can create a short circuit, which can cause computer damage and fire, possibly resulting in serious injury.

Toshiba nb300 drivers

Foreign metal objects can create a short circuit, which can cause damage and fire, possibly resulting in serious injury. Access each function using the following procedures. Using The Microphone Operating Basics Using the microphone You can use the built-in or an external microphone that connects to the microphone jack to record sounds into your applications. This feature must be enabled.

Leave enough space around the computer and other equipment to provide adequate ventilation. If you enter the password incorrectly three times in a row, the computer will shut down. Accessing data from cache is faster than accessing it from the computer's main memory.

It alerts users of specific system conditions via pop-up messages. Before you call Some problems you experience may be related to software or the operating system so it is important that you investigate other sources of assistance first.

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Preliminary Checklist Troubleshooting Preliminary checklist Consider the simplest solution first. This chapter gives details on making the most effective use of these resources including charging and changing batteries, tips for saving battery power, and power-up modes. The process of readying a blank disk for its first use. Alternate naming is included for reference.

Toshiba NB Drivers for Windows XP - CLOUD Drivers

Toshiba NB300 Driver Download

Push the latches outward and the memory module will pop up. However, should problems occur, following the procedures in this chapter can help to determine the cause. Knowing what might go wrong can help prevent problems from occurring.

Features Built-in Your computer is equipped with one processor and processor type varies depending on model. Numeric Lock When the Numeric Lock indicator glows green, you can use the dark gray labelled keys on the keypad overlay for numeric input. Fully discharge the battery by leaving it in the computer with the power on until the system automatically turns itself off. This key activates the Windows Start menu. When you connect an external speaker or headphones, lg 1730sf touch screen driver for mac the internal speaker is automatically disabled.

Toshiba NB300 User Manual

You must turn on the computer again and re-enter the password. Windows Start Button activates the Start menu and the other, the application key, has the same function as the secondary mouse button. Keep foreign metal objects, such as screws, staples and paper clips, out of the cooling vents.

The items in this checklist are easy to fix and yet can cause what appears to be a serious problem. Formatting establishes the structure of the disk that the operating system expects before it writes files or programs onto the disk.

Time The following table shows the approximate time required to fully charge a discharged battery. It also provides detailed information on configuring your computer, basic operations and care, using optional devices and troubleshooting. The System Recovery Options menu includes tools to repair startup problems, run diagnostics or restore the system.

Toshiba NB Drivers for Windows XP - CLOUD Drivers

For information on indicators and battery operation see Chapter Power and Power-up Modes. Power-up Modes Power and Power-up Modes If you enter the password incorrectly three consecutive times, the computer shuts down. Care And Use Of The Battery Pack The battery pack is lithium ion battery, which can explode if not replaced, used, handled or disposed of properly. Opening The Display Getting Started Opening the display The display panel can be opened to a wide range of angles for optimal viewing. This key has the same function as the secondary right mouse button.

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Appendix B Display Controller Appendix B Display Controller Display controller The display controller interprets software commands into hardware com- mands that turn particular pixels on or off. This section describes the bundled webcam utility, which can capture still and video images.

The memory module slot allows for the replacement with an additional memory module. Using the Touch Pad To use the Touch Pad, simply touch and move your fingertip across it in the direction you want the on-screen pointer to go. However, certain precautions should be observed to further reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the computer. No transmissions are sent or received when wireless communication is turned off.