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However, free 100 your advice to leave it alone is off base. She said she has called him four times. More so if they are both enjoying it. Advice given here is not intended to provide a basis for action in particular circumstances without consideration by a competent professional.

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  • This might mean striking up a conversation or offering a genuine compliment.
  • Are there redeeming qualities about this person that you may have missed?
  • But how do you handle this situation?
  • More parents should be like you.

How to Deal With Your Teenage Daughter Dating a Boy You Hate

Daughter Seeing Older Boy A mother is concerned about the relationship between a year-old boy and her year-old eighth-grader. My daughter usually picks up the mail on her way home from the bus stop, but my husband and I took an afternoon walk and decided to pick up the mail ourselves. Your daughter's interest in boys and her keeping this relationship secret from you are very normal behaviors. It only takes one time to get pregnant and you don't have to be dating the boy to have sex with him. But really unless you have a problem with these two dating then leave it alone i think if they love each other and you like the guy then nothing is wrong with that as long as no one reports it.

Teenage Daughter Dating Older Boy

As for your husband, he is really in a tough spot, which offsets everything that you want for your daughter. Do not be surprised if your teen is angry or put off by the conversation, but if handled correctly you can have a quick conversation in a non-confrontational way. That infers letting them continue as they are.

They are also risking having their futures sidetracked by an unwanted pregnancy. Much more listening than lecturing is in order now. In other words, electrical hookup for above it is best to tread very lightly.


Your teen starts dating someone that you don't approve of. As both parties get older it matters less and less. He has conducted parenting seminars on topics ranging from how to discipline toddlers to how to stay connected with teenagers.

What to Do When You Don t Like Who Your Teen Is Dating

Ask the Expert My Daughter Wants to Date an Older Boy. Is This Okay

As a result, it can be very effective to remind yourself that the relationship will likely run its course and you just need to be patient and not fret so much. Try to view the relationship through your teen's eyes. Dating - even in a limited way- is a privilege, not a right!

Try to see what your teen sees instead of focusing on what you disapprove of or dislike. What does your teen see in this person? At first, my wife and I found him to be a very nice boy. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow and research consultant.

As of now, you really don't know the nature of this relationship. But I would stay very consistent on not letting her go on car dates with him, or anywhere where they can be unattended. When parents are around their teens and their romantic partners, it is important that they keep an open mind.

  1. The key is to find out what your teen is thinking and what attracts them to this person.
  2. You may have the best intentions, but so did my mom.
  3. Tips Let your teenager know that dating is normal and that you take an interest in her dating life.
  4. It is good to see that this was already resolved, but I just had to compliment you on your parental skills!
  5. As a result, when you do discuss the relationship, it is wise not to push your teen or try to control the situation.

So make sure you do your best to be inviting. Until then, you need to be sure you are keeping any hostile disapproval under wraps. Then you and your husband can both have an open and frank discussion with your daughter and put up a united front. For Updates and Special Promotions.

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They might cut drastically down on how much they have but I don't think they will stop completely. Yeah, badoo dating you should be more clear. So now you admit that's a rediculous statement because there are limits. But looking back I think my mom knew. He says it is really hard to for a boy men to keep his mind away from sexual thoughts every few minutes.

Personally I would be more concerned about the age difference right now. You do have reason to be concerned about a relationship between a year-old boy and your year-old, eighth-grade daughter. Instead, here are some suggestions on how to walk through this minefield without blowing up the relationship you have built with your teen.

My daughter dating an 18 year old - Page 2

You know him, but have you met his parents? You should never just sit by if you fear your teen's safety, both emotional and physical, is at risk. Remind yourself that you raised your teenager. You know your daughter best, we don't. We scolded her, but did not yell or become upset.

But in the last couple years I have noticed that with these type of things I have matured. As much as you may not like who your teen is dating, be sure you make every effort to be kind, respectful and approachable. Send a private message to SimpleguyJoe. He can be mature in his behavior, but insecure about girls his age? It sounds as if you and your daughter have an open relationship and can talk about anything.

Daughter Seeing Older Boy - FamilyEducation

If you focus on ending the relationship or controlling the situation, this disrupts the learning process and sabotages your teen's self-esteem and self-confidence. So continue to watch her, and talk to her. You have to go with your gut on this and repect your husbands opinions as well.

What do you enjoy doing together? However, it is important that you don't cross the line into overt disapproval. Warnings Sometimes a parent's intuition is accurate. She is not ready to have sex and is not comfortable dealing with boys who are.

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You can't think there shouldn't be a limit but then say that is big. Find latest posts by jrsg. To me it sounds like you are a fabulous mom. Now, at the time I didn't know how old he really was.

How to Deal With Your Teenage Daughter Dating a Boy You Hate

Life was very hard for us. True love has no age limits That is so idealistic and so ridiculous I had to respond to it. It doesn't have to be one way or the other. Yes my mom thought I was great as well.


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