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Plug in your instrument or any audio source to do really cool stuff with MiniNova's VocalTune, vocoder, filters and effects. It has tons of pre-loaded patches, which are organised into useful categories.

Talk or sing into the mic, and your voice will automatically be tuned to the notes you play on the keyboard. The obvious alternatives to the Mininova come from Korg. Vocal Tune is far from natural, but that's hardly the point anyway, and to push it even further into unreality, there's vibrato and pitch-wheel control too.

The second is lack of multitimbrality. We received an early unit, and the editor had not yet been completed, although I'm assured that it will operate in exactly the same way as its predecessor.

You'll probably have to pick among the sounds you want. You can also export the patches making you able to import your saved data to a different Mininova if you so wish. Thomann uses cookies to give you the best shopping experience. Available immediately This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. For me it was an annoyance because I wanted to move a bit away from the digital tools.

The first is battery power. We are musicians ourselves and share your passion for making it. So what of the factory patches? You also have the option of adding effects and applying filters.

Novation MiniNova Synthesizer. Alternatives The obvious alternatives to the Mininova come from Korg. Find Your Sound Fast MiniNova comes with killer sounds, space to save another of your own, and a Patch Librarian for loading and storing as many extra sounds on your computer as you'll ever need. The result is the new, far-smaller-than-ultra-Nova, innovatek driver or Mininova.

Novation Mininova

There is a clear emphasis on digital here. This makes it really easy to switch between sounds in a live setting.

Novation Mininova

Scaled down as it is, the Mininova still manages to retain the Ultranova's synthesis goodies. The combination of great overall sound and a stellar filter is a big plus.

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Summary A whole lot of synth you can easily bundle under your arm. In that case you'll appreciate the switch that sorts the patches numerically or alphabetically.

The emphasis on digital continues as you can modify most of the settings and variables through the small screen and the use of the data-knob. By navigating the screen you can also make your own animations and customize the sound for your own needs. If you continue browsing, you agree to the use of cookies.

What's your best Channel Strip or Equivalent? Pitch-shift adds real-time pitch-shifting of up to two octaves in either direction.

These longer patterns were created on the Ultranova, but they play back correctly because the two synths are fully patch-compatible. There are a wealth of synthesisers available today, ranging from hardware keyboards to virtual software instruments.

The password field is case sensitive. The biggest hurdle was finding which effect slot, or slots, contained reverb in the first place! More polyphony, more filters, more effects, more modulation. First off, this synth is really beautifully contructed.

The only cloud on the horizon is for Ultranova owners. Presumably for reasons of fashion, there are wood grain-patterns on the end cheeks and optionally glowing pitch and mod wheels. Very hard to get a grasp all the features. You can also bind various effects and values to the four knobs on the right of the synth.

The amazing filter really helps making this synth stand out, and they know it, adding a huge knob exclusively for the use of it. Our most popular Synthesizers. With so many boxes ticked, there are only two Novation have missed.

Mininova driver

Previous article Next article. Pretty much anything is possible, and it would surely be a great tool for a stage performance. These can be overwritten any time you like, but there's no hurry because an additional bank awaits, empty and ready to fill with your own creations.

Meet MiniNova Watch video. The Microkorg is great for creating sounds, the Mininova has more pre-loaded patches. The synth has two oscillators which can be modified at any time.

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It can become distorted, modulated, flanged. Most of the controls are based on navigating the software menus.