Dating auto tires, tires expire in six years - tire safety group

The Science of Tire Aging

Tire Manufacturers Warn that Tires Expire in Six Years

Are you concerned about the age of your tires? Sunlight, heat, ice, and general wear and tear can accelerate the breakdown of a tire. However, storage under sweltering conditions may somewhat negate this effect. Need help choosing the right product for your vehicle? Because this process occurs naturally, it does not matter if a tire is being used, stored as a spare, or simply waiting on a store shelf for an unsuspecting consumer.

Because spares are not used often, if at all, the oils in the tire do not circulate under pressure and because trunks can get very hot, spare tires can be particularly vulnerable to aging effects. If you've had tires on the car for six years, they should be replaced. The Tire Safety Group offers a free tool for consumers to check their tires to instantly determine whether a tire is expired or recalled. As rubber is exposed to oxygen, it dries out and becomes stiffer, leading to cracking. For most tires, this expiration date should be six years from the date of manufacture.

Tires Expire in Six Years - Tire Safety Group

You can check the production date of your tire very easily to see how old it is. Have your tires been in use for longer than they should be? In essence, heat increases both the permeability and reactivity of oxygen, making it both easier for oxygen to get through the inner liner and easier for it to react with the rubber inside the tire. From spring until fall numerous events are held at our facility in South Bend, Indiana by various car clubs and organizations.

We are always happy to help our customers! Proper Storage Increases the Life of the Tire Properly stored tires that are protected from the elements and not mounted on a wheel age very slowly. So tires that are used less are often more vulnerable to aging effects. Many people would like to see manufacturers and dealers either put expiration dates on their tires or otherwise clearly mark the age of each tire for consumers at the time of purchase.

DOT Date Code & Tire Age Explained

As such, the date code consists of only three digits, two for the week and one for the year. These oils lubricate the internal rubber and keep it from drying and stiffening. That's consider in use, too. If you live in Phoenix, you should be checking both your tires and your sanity at four years max.

Older tires are substantially more likely to fail than newer ones. This is probably due to less surface area in the air chamber and better construction, especially better inner liners. The concern is usually that tires may have sat in a warehouse for years, and the rubber has degraded in some way. Besides variations from manufacturer to manufacturer, tire size, or more specifically, sites tire aspect ratio seems to effect the tire aging rate. The second two numbers are the year the tire was manufactured.

DOT Date Code & Tire Age Explained - Blog

The tread rubber however, what does the is used up with every mile travelled. Tire Tech Information - Rubber Cracking. Our experts love solving problems and lending a hand or ear.

Dating auto tires

Tire aging is an issue of oxidation. Are you ready for a new set? If you've had tires on the car for five years, you should be checking them for cracking along the sidewall or inside the tread grooves, which would indicate aging problems.

When is a tire too old to be safe? You should also check before you use one. Tire Tech Information - Tire Warranties.

How to Find Out How Old Your Tires Are

How Old Are Your Tires Check the Born-On Date

No inner liner is entirely waterproof, so some air will always leak slowly through the liner due to osmosis. There are strict industry standards for tire storage that apply to tire manufacturers, brief dating distributors and tire retailers. Order Tracking Customer Support. Many are in favor of a readable date of manufacture being put on both sidewalls. How Tire Treadwear Warranties Work.

How to Read Tire Date Codes

Tire Date at Tire Rack
  • The stiffening and cracking of aged rubber can lead to the inner layers of the tire delaminating from the steel belts rather than flexing with the steel as the tire rolls underweight.
  • No matter how old the tires are when you buy them, the most important aspect of tire safety is regular maintenance and inspection.
  • There's been quite a bit of controversy over the issue of tire aging lately.

Should tires have more evident dating? This is a particular concern when coupled with the inflation pressures of full-size spare tires at retrieval. Tires with higher aspect ratios age faster than tires with lower aspect ratios. Sadly, these warnings are not retroactively provided to consumers who own older model vehicles that are more likely to have aged or expired tires. Your use of this website is subject to our terms and conditions and all applicable laws.

It Still Runs

Even After Being Punctured If you've ever been late for a date, appointment, or meeting because of a flat tire, you already know how frustrating it can be. We can make a projection based upon the last ship date and whether or not a production run is scheduled and past patterns. Why is the Same Tire Listed Twice?

What are you riding on

The Science of Tire Aging

Try to avoid being tempted by making your tire buying decision based mostly on a tire's wear warranty.

Lower aspect ratios and higher speed ratings tend to correlate with longer life. Properly stored tires that are protected from the elements and not mounted on a wheel age very slowly. However, due to the cryptic code tire manufacturers use on tires, the warnings are of only limited use to consumers. Tires may age somewhat in storage, dating a young jamaican man but they don't start to age until they are mounted and filled with air. Just pick up the phone and give us a ring.


This will certainly shorten the lifespan of a tire. Spare tires should be checked and replaced on the same schedule. Numerous studies written by or for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration support a finding that tires expire in six years. If a new tire is stored for a long time should it be sold with a warning label or not sold at all? It would have to be up to you whether you think that you'll get that many years out of the tread.

  1. Tire experts even say that if they are not used, indeed, tires age more quickly.
  2. Over time, the tire will simply fall apart under normal stress, just like an old rubber band.
  3. This is because tires are made mostly of rubber, and rubber degrades with age.
  4. Our team of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help.
  5. You can either obtain a free Tire Facts Report from this website or you can do it the old-fashioned way.
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