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You may also use two small common screwdrivers or an awl for snap-ring removal. The piston and return ring are inside the low-reverse servo bore. That is what the small return spring I add does. Whether it is the mass rebuilder or an independent repair shop, he believes that many things are overlooked in the course of a transmission rebuild. The aluminum tube radiant coolers work pretty well too and are easy to mount and plumb.

The teeth should be free of scoring that can hinder clutch movement. Installing seals backward and in the wrong location is common and can cost you plenty in terms of time and money. The main difference is the addition of an overdrive system and throttle valve modulation. Click the button below and we will send you an exclusive deal on this book. Many of the original pans also have Automatic Overdrive and Metric and the Ford oval logo stamped into them.

Wiring a ford AOD tranny

The H.A.M.B

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Ford AOD Transmission

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Internal Components Removal and Inspection. Piston scoring calls for replacement. The reverse clutch pack also known as the overdrive drum and forward clutch are disassembled next. Clutches and bands burn due to slip-page and no other reason, aside from fluid starvation.

This in turn contaminates the fluid with friction material, cutting seals and further hindering control pressure, causing slippage and burned clutch and band frictions. You just need a small amount of tension on it when at closed throttle. Not all applications require a puller. This low-reverse clutch pack has a cracked Belleville spring, which must be replaced.

However, in stock form, one of the most common problems is that the overdrive band has a tendency to burn up, and the lockup input shaft is notoriously weak. Inspect the teeth for scoring and any damage that can hinder clutch friction movement. It is just one from one of those spring assortment kits. It should turn smoothly in one direction, how to organize a speed but lock up in the opposite.

Keep track of the number of clutches and steels in each of the clutch packs. These same professionals also say that transmission failure can depend upon how abused the transmission has been along the way. Governors are calibrated based on vehicle type and load.

Each clutch drum has an apply piston, which engages the clutches and steels. This obviously depends on how much you want to spend and how you use your car. Pink fluid indicates stability and proper operation. However, if you really want to understand automatic transmission function, you can perform the rebuild at home.

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If they hang up, dress the irregular surface or replace the drum. Because there are ball check valves throughout the valve body, it must be fl at on the bench to avoid losing these critical parts. Look for atypical wear patterns, all my friends are such as shiny spots and nicks that can snag clutches.

Once warm, set the emergency brake and then put the transmission in neutral. Some transmission rebuilds are nothing more than attending to wear and tear. This pressure effects shifting, shift points, and basically the life of the transmission. When the plates are shiny, they can be resurfaced to a healthy crosshatch pattern for good clutch hookup. Regardless of the condition, overdrive bands must always be replaced and the drum dressed for good hookup without slippage.

The interior clutch disc teeth should be free of scoring and any irregularity that would hinder clutch movement. Lastly, you can also check the tag attached to the transmission itself. If you are running headers, it may be necessary to bend the dipstick tube to clear the exhaust system. This transmission uses a throttle valve linkage or cable assembly to regulate the shifts.

How much power do you need it to handle? Front Pump Removal and Disassembly. To roughly set the cable tension for a starting point, pull the cable until it is just up against the arm at the trans and the cable is taut.

A Shift In Good Time

  1. Whatever style you use, you want it to read easily, as that is where you need the pressure level to be.
  2. At home, you need to have completely drained the transmission or you will have a huge mess.
  3. The governor valve is driven by the output shaft and this ball, which acts like a Woodruff key.
  4. Completely disassemble the direct clutch and output shaft package, right down to where the outputshaft joins the direct clutch.
  5. You might want to leave the gauge connected and secure it for the testdrive.
  6. The three domes or bumps in each of the three sections are return spring mounts.

Many suppliers offer two-piece add-on drain pan plugs. Then insert the adjuster between the throttle linkage and the stop. Run this up to the intake manifold where you will be able to see it while adjusting the cable. Tailshaft, fat Servos and Pistons Removal.

You need the trans at or close to operating temp. As clutches and steels come out, inspect both for abnormal wear. Disassemble the direct clutch to reveal clutches and steels. And for the most part, it is best left to them, especially if you lack the confidence necessary to do it yourself. The low-reverse servo cover assembly is next.

Play it safe and replace all Belleville springs during a rebuild. The manual shaft is hollow, and the throttle valve shaft is solid within the manual shaft. The governor controls are based on output shaft speed, dating bangalore which controls line pressure. They must go back in exactly as they came out. Many complaints of improper shifting can be traced to this bushing.

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Ford AOD Transmission
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He may have other specs he would like it to run at for the best shifting and performance. As has been stressed earlier, clutch discs must be replaced and the plates inspected for heat damage and wear. It should be replaced regardless of condition.

Ford AOD Overdrive Transmission

  • Installation of the transmission itself is probably the easiest part of this conversion.
  • It should be replaced, but if you feel compelled to reuse it, inspect all of the rollers and springs.
  • Clean lubrication provides a good oil wedge between moving parts and good hydraulic line pressure via healthy seals and clutch discs.
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