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Lionel was inconsistent in what post did what. See the freight handler shove the packing boxes down the conveyor chute and into the waiting car. Instead, Coleman said he'd give his struggling American Flyer Co. Gilbert American Flyer Accessories and Locomotives had a variety of different wiring configurations. In addition to powering trains for the hobbyist, some industrial and educational labs used the variable controlled output voltage to power experiments.

Gilbert American Flyer used other colors for wires used for switching functions for various accessories. American Flyer Transformer Guide. The trains proved popular, and American Flyer was soon expanding its product line. Page Scenic Structures When the Bumper is snapped in place and the transformer is turned on, the red lamp will light. The transformer label for this wire is the Volt Post.

Some of the transformers in the chart Nos. Then, with the current turned off, clean the slots with a needle point. These are part of the higher power output transformers equipped to power a train and several accessories. Careful planning for the expected operation of the trains containing these cars and the direction of travel or dumping is necessary for the correct operation of the units.

  • Chicago, Illinois -based toymaker William Frederick Hafner developed a clockwork motor for toy cars in while working for a company called Toy Auto Company.
  • When the switch is on, the trains or accessories operate.
  • Earlier wire is silk or cotton insulated and is much more expensive to manufacture.
  • For over a decade, Kughn moved both the Lionel and American Flyer brands forward, getting a shot of momentum from a resurgence in the toy train hobby in the early s.

American Flyer Transformer Guide

These included less costly engines with tinplate tenders, and less costly freight and passenger cars, also made of painted tinplated steel. Prices were printed on an accompanying unstapled sheet but not on the bound pages. During this time of joint operation, American Flyer supplied Ives with car bodies and other parts. The American Flyer engineers acquired a recording of the famous Nathan airchime whistle, dating dance and duplicated it in miniature for the users of American Flyer Trains. These rectifiers came on a die cast metal base or a wooden base due to material restrictions during the Korean War.

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Setup Most transformers have built-in circuit breakers. To install this unit place it in the layout so it is along a straight portion of the track. The transformer label for this wire is the Base Post. You can tighten the thumbscrew in the back to reduce nuisance trips.

Although popular, American Flyer was always the second-ranked brand to Lionel in terms of market share at the high end of the market. In house wiring White is the neutral or return wire for the power. The manufacturing hiatus offered the company the opportunity to further differentiate the products from those of the market leaders by sales volume Marx and Lionel. These problems were compounded by the death of its founder, A.

If there is a spark, then one of the plugs into the wall power should be reversed. The size and shape of the space which is available to you for your railroading will determine what type layout you can use. American Flyer circuit breaker instructions - The Silicon Underground When the switch is on, the trains or accessories operate.

Sommers immediately stopped carrying the American Flyer trains in favor of Hafner's brand. Use American Flyer Lamp No. This suggests the possibility of the two companies continuing to collaborate. Red is used for the wire that activates a remote control switch to move to the curve position and lighting the red light on the controller and on the switch. Initially, the Hafner and American Flyer product lines were very similar, suggesting they may have been built using the same tooling.

Just set the switches in the track layout the same as a piece of straight or curved track and hook up the wires from the control box as shown in Fig. American flyer track hookup - Classic Toy Trains Magazine Fix the condition, then flip the switch again to restore power. Also, there are no wires to hook up. This was a common practice at the time. Later units used vinyl insulated power cords and many of these have become brittle with the insulation breaking away from the copper conductors.

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They also included an engraved metal top plate with the speed and other nomenclature markings. Turn the locomotive on its back. The single train control version is the No. During Summer, marriage not dating Gilbert as were many manufacturing companies was compelled by Federal wartime restrictions to cease manufacturing and even servicing!

However, winds of change are blowing. The relatively expensive, heavy and highly detailed engines and cars had had diecast zinc alloy bodies. But when it comes to a true derailment, the faster it reacts, the better. With the popularity of toy trains and construction toys declining, and without another successful product line to buoy the company's finances, Gilbert found itself in serious financial trouble.

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Powering a large layout often requires multiple transformers. Clean metal tender wheel rims and flanges so they do not become pitted or dirty, using No. To get the maximum amount of play value from this Loading Platform it should be used with the No. Rotate the commutator manually to reach all three slots.

  1. Finally, a majority of the company was sold by the family to a holding company, the Wrather Group, in with A.
  2. Its brass plate bears the address of South Halsted Street in Chicago.
  3. They are available in a range of sizes to power layouts from a circle of track to large and complex track plans with switches and many accessories.
  4. The advantages included eliminating the separate motor power drain and cost and ensuring precise geared synchronicity of the chugging with the rotation of the drive wheels.
  5. The two toy magnates were just finishing shooting on Gilbert's game reserve in New Haven when Gilbert casually mentioned he was thinking about manufacturing toy trains.

Again the components will have aged and make an interesting conversation piece but should not be used. Most accessories and lights are connected to the base and fixed voltage posts. Click Here to learn more about rectiformers. Gilbert American Flyer often included a No track terminal with these lighted accessories to enable the user to avoid long wire runs to parts of the layout away from the transformer.

In house wiring Black is the hot or power wire. At that time the factory and administrative offices of the American Flyer Manufacturing Co. American Flyer Trains History. These all come equipped with wires and can be attached anywhere along the train layout, but if connected direct to the track, they will not light when the transformer is shut off. Press it all the way down, speed dating and the bucket will be elevated to the tower.

This is ample to operate your starter set, or many accessories. By trying to accommodate the demands of the retail discounters, Gilbert and other toy train manufacturers cheapened their lines. Where should I look for them?

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Here there is a caution as the standard for low voltage wiring used for the trains is the opposite of the standard for house wiring. These large transformers can power two trains and many accessories. The thumbscrew is labeled high and low. Importantly, the trains featured fully automatic coupling and uncoupling that were functionally comparable to Lionel's. For the purpose of holding the track together firmly, American Flyer has developed the No.

Help with info on American Flyer transformer

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