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Transitional models don't appear very often but when they do collectors are more than happy to add these scarce items to their collection. Between Simon and I, fish of the sea dating we hope to accomplish this through discovery of new serial numbers. Dip the Q-tip and then squeeze the excess Acetone from it to keep it from running onto the sticker. Researching the C has allowed me to further my studies for the C and the frame change. Exercise Equipment Parts Brands.

There is the possibility but production numbers should be low. Do you have the box with papers? Male knurling left and female knurling right. Best albie set up from the beach?

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Take a close look at the brake plates color and you'll see it's black. The large knurled aluminum knob is part of the drag system which was incorporated into the handle. Fortunately for collectors they can still be identified upon close inspection.

I have a ambassadeur 5000c the number on the foot is 760604. its black and

Next to find is a green or black Record Ambassadeur now I guess! All information on this page is my interpretation and opinion about the history of the Ambassadeur reel as I understand it. The Ambassadeur has zero ball bearings. If your has a spool with this color arrangement, please contact me so I can record it.

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  1. He was very kind to me as he explained what was wrong with a I found in the field.
  2. The collector will find some reels that didn't reflect that change immediately.
  3. Just kinda wanted another since that one has been long gone.
  4. It contains a nice picture on big game fishing see attachment.

Rubber O-rings found on the left bearing housing should not be cleaned with Acetone either. These reels had plastic side plates and were made in mind for saltwater fisherman. Adjustment of the knurled aluminum knob sets the desired tension of drag washer pressure.

ABU Ambassadeur

One of the anglers was the same Jan Schreiner. They make us recognize our own failures in technique, maintenance regimes or choice of balanced tackle and therefore we grow when we learn to accept our shortcomings and adapt to change. This is not accurate as there are other features that have to be met before you have a true first version.

The brown manufactured in late and early was packaged in the last case shown. Hope this helps in your understanding of the control processes involved in this reel mate! Reproduction handles are easily overlooked unless you know what to look for.

Enter your engine's type number in this search field to show the parts that match your engine. This is the plate opposite the handle. This is a classic example of a reproduction sticker and is not original for reels made in the s.

This is usually matched to just allow the lure to fall slowly when the reel is in free spool, faster the lure is allowed to drop the wilder and faster the cast will be. The model was never stamped with serial numbers but is seen with all three lot number date codes. My web page is dedicated to classic-era Ambassadeur only. Virtually all known have beveled rims and either mushroom or screwdriver style takedown screws.

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Pull small pieces of cotton off the Q-tip and using tweezers, dip it in Acetone and clean those very small and tight areas. End result, match you just bought two used side plates! Figured why not open it and see what I have!

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  • First, clean all dirt and grease from them.
  • Below, is an Ambassadeur C before and after cleaning.
  • Not my rarest reel but still the prettiest!
  • Any other number combinations not listed above should give you pause, as the reel may or may not be in original condition.
  • Find Part By Symptom Choose a symptom to view parts that fix it.

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We'll see what it looks like when it arrives! Early lot numbers are explained in detail later in this segment. That's the day I knew if I wanted to collect them, I had to learn about them. One exception to this rule would be that De Luxe and C De Luxe did not reflect this change right away.

Who would not love to have some beautiful mint treasures like these kind shared by Gerald Garrett from Texas? Actually, the serial number on this reel has nothing to do with the year of production. This guarantee is void if reel has been subjected to abuse or willful damage. Finding an Ambassadeur with the original price tag still attached is not often seen.

First the pressure placed on the spool is by the calibrated left hand end cap. This is the brown version of the bushing model, or so one might think? Watch the color instantly come back to life!

This tells me that your Ambassadeur is no later than a model. This reel is identical in every way to the one I had been watching. Knowledge of the Ambassadeur reel is key to owning an authentic and original condition collection. During line retrieval the reel is in direct drive.

Accessories include high capacity extra spool, tube with gold parts, cloth bag with gold draw strings, oil bottle, wrench, sterling silver name plate, and paperwork. Part seen in the lower middle portion of the schematic is described as a drag conversion kit and can be purchased separately. If it were to fit with the original color test reels it should have been stamped Record. The spool arbor will be black but otherwise, it shares the same features as the older model above.

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Question
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Vintage Abu Ambassadeur 5000 question

Simon Shimomura's books are an excellent guide to help answer these questions and one would be wise to purchase his books. The reproduction also has a different texture on the paddle. Having met this criteria, it would be considered one of the toughest reels to ever obtain. Used in for certain models.

For round handle knobs, dating a mild abrasive wax should do. How do i date this reel by that number? Taking your hand off the paddle allows the drag system to take over as the handle rotated backwards. The serial number on this reel is extremely close to the first one I found.

Other parts such as those found on brake plates are not discussed. How many member have you ever met? If too tight then the cast will be shortened. Your reel was made in and is in great condition.

Fred s Classic ABU Reel Information

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Reels

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