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Implement Undo for Cloth editor. AudioClip settings now support multi-editing. MeshRenderer has a new additionalVertexStreams property for per-instance mesh data overrides.

FindObject nolonger stops and returns null if first match is an inactive game object. Incompatible or unsupported graphics card or graphics card drivers. This reduces cost on the main thread to send commands to the render thread, asus p8h61 m lx drivers for windows 7 and on the the render thread the driver overhead is reduced. It uses Lambert diffuse term only lighting model and has optional normal map support.

Now such textures are displayed in blue color. Fixed text corruption in TextMesh components when reimporting fonts. Fixed evaluation of Curves with only one key.

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Also, scene view camera makes sure to match main camera's depthTextureMode. Prevented adding legacy animation to Mecanim. Added generic version of Object.

Fixed crash when removing components from a prefab, but prefab instances would have depending components. Use the Audio Mixer window to create complex mixing hierarchies and effect processing chains. New sample project based on the Standard assets shows how to best utilize them. NavMeshObstacle supports two basic shapes - cylinder and box for both carving and avoidance. Reduced memory consumption when loading textures on mobile devices.

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Light and Reflection Probes are enabled on Renderer components by default. It used to be inverted before. Replaced the built-in sphere and capsule meshes with versions that are better suited for lightmapping.

Skinned meshes use less memory by sharing index buffers between instances. Before, it was just not working properly, without a proper fallback. The audio output of one AudioMixer can be routed into any AudioGroup of any other AudioMixer, allowing complex re-configurable Audio processing. The attenuation of an AudioGroup can be applied at any point in the AudioGroup allowing pre and post fader effects.

Rebakes euler angle curves on sample rate change. SetData causes a crash fixed Fixed a bug where the audio system stopped working when a game object had an AudioSource, an AudioListener and a custom audio filter attached.

Fixed project append Fixed random crash when changing orientation by degrees Fixed severe visual issues when setting Screen. Fixed corrupted rendering when being edited.

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HasState to be able to query if an animator has a certain State. Instead, use GetComponent to get references. Increased the height range of NavMesh baking can build meshes for taller scenes. Rewritten Audio asset pipeline and AudioClip backend.

Note that this will change how off-mesh links placement on existing scenes. Merged two scene view render mode dropdowns into one. The value is useful when you have fast moving ragdolls and observe the not physically correct behaviour of joints when the colliders they connect penetrate other collision geometry. Tap count is now correctly calculated when using multiple fingers. Fixed systems using Distance emission not stopping correctly.

Fixed several issues with Animation Events event not fired, fired twice. LoadAssetAtPath is no longer available outside of the Editor. Made Height Mesh query more resilient to small holes in input geometry. Always display numeric values for Transition's duration, offset and exitTime.

3ds max forcing null driver model

Similar to MaterialPropertyDrawers, but you can add many of them on a shader property. Instead lights are automatically upgraded to be twice as bright.

Fixed problem when importing models with no diffuse color specified. This built-in material uses BlinnPhong diffuse and specular term lighting model and has optional normal map support. Default splash screens set to solid color. Fixed an occasional crash when reimporting shaders.

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